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The Washington State Parent Advocacy Network (WSPAN) is an association of parents who are “veterans” of the child welfare system who collaborate to improve outcomes for families entering that system.   It is comprised of a network of local Parent Advocacy Committees (PAC Chapters) and the statewide Washington State Parent Advocacy Committee (WSPAC).

The WSPAN brings the parent voice into the development of child welfare policy and practice; promotes improved and equitable outcomes for all children and parents regardless of their race, gender, or circumstance; and advocates for parent leadership in the direct service, training, and public awareness activities that strengthen and support those families.

Catalyst for Kids, a coalition of child welfare professionals, consumers, advocates and decision-makers working together to bring about transformational change of the child welfare system, is responsible for the development and support of the WSPAN.

People Change - Families Reunite

What's New  

2014 Legislative Agenda

Check out our policy page to see what veteran parents are doing in Olympia this legislative session. 

New CPS Parent Support Group in South King County
The King County PAC has launched a new support group for parents involved with CPS. The Life During CPS support group is modeled after the very successful group that the Snohomish County PAC began in 2010.  See our resources page for info and more locations.

WSPAN Receives Lee Ann Miller Award  
The WSPAN was presented with the Lee Ann Miller Award at the 2013 Children's Justice Conference in Seattle.The award is given each year to an individual and group or program that has made the biggest impact and/or contribution in furthering the goals of the Children's Justice Act. 

A Story of Change

Shrounda Selivanoff is the veteran parent facilitator for the Washington State Parent Advocacy Committee.

After seven years of addiction, Shrounda  completed her court-ordered requirements, made it through the child welfare system and reunited with her daughter.

Read her amazing story of change here.

Storybook Project: Veteran Parents from Washington State Share Their Stories

This Storybook is a statewide effort to collect families' stories of change and success within the Washington State Child Welfare System. The Storybook includes stories from King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston and Spokane counties. Each story tells of the unique, yet often similar, circumstances that brought our families into the child welfare system and each story tells the triumphant journey they had in overcoming their obstacles and exiting the system.