Nancy Ashley, Children's Home Society of Washington

Kate Baber, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Patrick Dowd, Washington State Office of the Family & Children's Ombudsman

Therese Grant, Washington State Parent-Child Assistance Program

​Carrie Hoon Wayno, Office of the Attorney General

Jonah Idczak, Children's Administration

Lynette Jordan, United Indians of All Tribes

Christine Kerns, Children's Administration

Laurie Lippold, Partners for Our Children

Maureen Marcenko, Partners for Our Children

Ron Murphy, Casey Family Programs

Anthony Wartnik, retired, King County Superior Court judge

​Amelia Watson, Office of Public Defense


Parent Members

Washington State PAC


Alishia Agee-Cooper,  Pierce

Heather Banks, Snohomish 
Jason Bragg, King 
Heather Cantamessa, Spokane 
Dana Dildine, King 
Kristina Jorgensen, Snohomish
John Martin, King 
Chris Matthies, Snohomish
Tonia Morrison, Thurston 

Chandra Perry, Skagit
Shayne Rochester, Snohomish 
Tiffany Snyder, Thurston 
Marsha Valenzuela, Spokane 

The Washington State Parent Advocacy Committee (PAC) is comprised of parent representatives of local Parent Advocacy Committees or parent mentor programs, and advisors representing child welfare affliated organizations. The WSPAC convenes quarterly for networking, planning, training and dialoguing with policy-makers about issues of relevance to families in the child welfare system. Ambrosia Eberhardt from Spokane serves as the WSPAC Parent Facilitator.



Alise Hegle, Catalyst for Kids

Mariko Ohiso, Catalyst for Kids

Nancy Roberts-Brown, Catalyst for Kids